I want to work for a better future. I think of ‘better’ if it is more sustainable, aware, peacefulm fair and smart. I think its my task to communicate an idea between humans that was not found yet: We can work together – every human – if we allow each one of us to dream about a better future. The complexity behind reality and human life cannot be reduced to words. The most important kind of interaction is bidirectional communication. And the soul of a living being cannot be reduced to bits, pictures or data but our current legal-, administrative and filing systems allow and motivate exactly this. We need a new and superior form of digital infrastructure. This is a complex task and to be able to initiate and achieve it we need hope. I think that most beings converge on the desire to make the world a better place. Currently everyone has their own ideas or lack of idea how this can be reached.

The current situation of humanity calls for the most effective strategy to induce a long lasting positive change on all domains of our daily, global and individual world and life. We want to propose to start with the digital infrastructure in the here and now and delay the complex discussion around it. We have too much domains to be seen and heard of that are important and all of your ideas and needs are as important to us, as they are supposed to be part of our common structure. We want to build an interlink between all humans. We think there are enough beings who want to help, be or become the future of life on earth. We want to start with teaching our digital infrastructure about humanity and educating humanity about the first intelligent digital infrastructure after the internet: It is that what we started and start to build in 2020. We need a literal internet that is safe for children, fun for scientists and efficient for artists – and the right thing for you. Sounds impossible, sounds like a dream. Ok, then let’s build it. (